MathFinance Asia Services

1. Quantitative Advisory

  • Off the shelf products: FX Exotic Options DLL/XLL
  • Model development, implementation in C++, pricing tools in Excel, Mathematica, internet, derivation of formulae
  • Integration into existing systems
  • Model validation

2. Risk Advisory

  • Risk oversight and structured product execution services
  • Advice on suitability and pricing of derivative products offered by third parties
  • Hedging and Risk management solutions for Corporate Treasuries
  • Derivatives audit, valuation and restructuring

3. Portfolio Analysis

  • Independent valuation in Foreign Exchange or Equity
  • Comparative studies for long-term investments (Pension Funds / Insurers)
  • Audit and Forensic Analysis (historic reconstruction & valuation) of derivative portfolios

4. Derivatives Training and Business Development

5. Expert Witness and Expert Advisory services in litigation

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