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  • Expert Witness

    We provide independent expert reports and expert witness services, specialized in Foreign Exchange Options, Structured Products and Long-term investment plans. See our current and past projects!

    Financial Courses

    We offer in house or on location financial courses.
    Most requested in the past year:

    1. Fx Exotic Options by Prof. Uwe Wystup
    2. Advanced Equity Derivatives by Dr. Oliver Brockhaus

    MathFinance Conference

    As one of the top quant events of the year, the conference has been an influential driver in the dissemination of ideas, information and knowledge between industry and academia. During the conference, key speakers also presented a glimpse into the world of crypto currencies and crypto markets. They also revealed their bitcoin circuit erfahrungen in order to encourage trading consultants.
    The latest conference took place on the 18th and 19th of March 2013.


    We provide consulting services for the financial industry: banks, insurance, software houses and other consultants in our premises or your company. We recommend referring to etoro opinioni - which has detailed information about the etoro trading platform that is backed by years of experience.

  • Online Apps

    Our most popular apps are:

    1. Fx Option Pricer
    2. Pension Calculator

    Desktop Apps

    Most viewed:

    1. MathFinance F(x)
    2. MIRCL

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