MathFinance Members

Prof. Dr. Uwe Wystup Founder and Managing Director Professor of FX Options, responsible for consulting, independent valuation services, litigation and expert witness reports, model validation and training. Uwe obtained his DPhil from Carnegie Mellon University. He also holds academic appointments at many universities worldwide.

Andreas Weber Senior Financial Engineer and Partner Andreas is responsible for developing and implementing pricing tools for financial derivatives as well as the coordination of bank-wide valuation platforms with IT groups.
[email protected] +49-69-37403495

Dr. Tino Kluge Financial Engineer and Partner Tino works on PDEs and London based projects. He obtained a DPhil from the University of Oxford and worked as a post doc at the University of Cambridge.

Ansua Dutta-Wystup Business Manager and Partner Ansua is responsible for business development, conference production, human recourses, accounting, corporate communication and culture. She holds a Master degree in English Literature from Carnegie Mellon University.

Alexander Stromilo Financial Engineer Alexander is an experienced programmer and project manager of our desktop applications. He studied Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at Volgograd State University and Financial Mathematics at Halmstad University.
[email protected] +49-69-37403497

Ioana Ionasek Financial Engineer Ioana is a database applications manager responsible for desktop applications and client support. She holds a MCS in Finance from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and a MSC of Economic Informatics.
[email protected] +49-69-37403493

Qixiang Zhou Financial Engineer Qixiang is working as a Financial Engineer at MathFinance AG in validating and implementing different pricing or hedging models of FX options. Qixiang is also a Phd Student at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management at the Centre for Practical Quantitative Finance.
[email protected] +49-69-37403494