Expert Witness Services

Our team of financial engineers provides independent expert reports and expert witness services. We specialize in Foreign Exchange Options, Structured Products and Long-term investment plans. We can re-evaluate your portfolio, analyze its risk or reasons for a close-out. You can get an independent expert report by Dr Uwe Wystup, Professor of FX Options. We can help you finding out background information, understanding how trading, structuring and sales and risk management works.
Sample Projects In the past we have worked on several cases including:
  • We have been working for Clifford Chance, London, as both expert and expert witness. Our analyses and reports have helped winning the litigation case.
  • Financial markets patent verification
  • Clarification of the SPAN (standard portfolio analysis of risk) method and its application to a large portfolio of futures, and options on multiple underlying securities
  • Detailed intraday analysis of post close-out losses of a large FX Options portfolio
  • Explanation of the functionality of counterparty credit risk systems and how they differ from trading systems
  • Detailed analysis of a large portfolio of accumulators, kikos, TRFs, its leverage, inherit risks and reasons why it was closed out in the financial crisis
  • Independent valuation of an equity basket retail certificate issued by a large German bank which had unjustly gotten bad media coverage

Royal court of Justice, London, UK