Frankfurt MathFinance Workshop

Derivatives and Risk Management in Theory and Practice

April 3-5 2002

The event takes place in Andersen and Commerzbank conference rooms.
Wednesday 9:00-18:00 Kaisersaal, Commerzbank main branch, Kaiserstrasse 30
Thursday 8:30-17:30 Andersen, Eschborn, Mergenthalerallee 55
Friday 9:15-17:45 Andersen, Eschborn, Mergenthalerallee 55

List of Speakers
Arun Bagchi University of Twente Ingo Schneider BHF-Bank
Hans-Peter Deutsch Andersen Peter Schwendner Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie
Jürgen Hakala Commerzbank Tino Senge Commerzbank
Wolfgang Härdle Humboldt University of Berlin Steven E. Shreve Carnegie Mellon University
Norbert Hofmann Goethe-University Gerhard Stahl Federal Banking Supervisory Office
Tino Kluge Chemnitz University of Technology Hermann Stahl Commerzbank
Lutz Molgedey Andersen Felix Streichert University Tübingen
Jörn Rank Andersen Josef Teichmann Technical University Vienna
L. C. G. Rogers University of Bath Robert Tompkins Technical University Vienna
Uwe Schmock ETH and University of Zürich Jürgen Topper Andersen
Organising Committee
  • Hans-Peter Deutsch, Andersen
  • Götz Kersting, Frankfurt MathFinance Institute
  • Tino Kluge, Chemnitz University of Technology
  • Uwe Wystup, Commerzbank
Sponsors of this conference

Registration The event is limited to 60 delegates. To cover the cost we have to ask the delegates to donate 300 Euro to our bank account and you will get a donation receipt. Lunch will be provided on all conference days.
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